Top 10 Bottle Printing Machines

There are not many bottle printing machine manufacturers. When you search for “bottle screen printer” on a search engine, you can hardly find any professional manufacturers and companies related to it. Not to mention specially designed for glass bottles, plastic bottles, and bottle caps. To help individuals or family screen printing enthusiasts and medium and large enterprises, we spent a long time compiling this list of top 10 bottle printing machines. After reading this list, maybe you can find suitable bottle printing machine manufacturers for your screen printing business.

Aliexpress glass bottle printing machine

glass bottle printing machine

The king of cost performance. Specially used for printing cylindrical products with a diameter of 120mm. Such as various cups, mugs, bottles, silicone wristbands, tubes, pens, and other containers. Aliexpress this glass bottle screen printing machine is fully automatic vertical monochrome, and its features are:

  1. Each electric eye sensor, accurate positioning, and excellent function.
  2. The left and right movement of the scraper adopts a guidepost structure, which moves smoothly; it is light and durable and provides printing quality.
  3. The lifting and lowering of the screen frame adopts the guide column, which has high precision and stable movement.
  4. According to your needs, you can set to print once, twice, etc.
  5. The function is stable, and a microcomputer controls the whole machine.
  6. According to customer requirements, set up two programs of a single cycle and automatic printing.
  7. Can remember the set program.

Aliexpress plastic bottle printing machine

led bulb pad printing machine

It is another bottle screen printer from Aliexpress, priced at only $180. We strongly recommend it for families and individuals. It is a plastic container printing machine. You can use it to print plastic cylindrical and conical products, such as wine bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles, and other packaging bottles. The highlight is the high positioning structure of the printed screen frame.

The front part of the plastic bottle printing machine is equipped with parallel plates so that the whole device can be firm and stable during the printing process. In addition, you can also place tools, such as printing materials and ink tanks, on the horizontal board behind the host. Large-package cylindrical products such as oil and lubricating oil barrels can also use this plastic bottle printing machine. Note that we try to make the spring tension on both sides the same after installing the bottle screen printer. Otherwise, the printing screen frame will be deformed and damaged.

Kaufman water bottle label printing machine

It comes with a cylinder mold, and you can use a bottle screen printer with UV hard/soft ink + white ink. You can also print directly on milk jugs and bottles. The reason for recommending a water bottle label printing machine is that it can save you more time and cost. Because it is plateless printing, no pre-coating and paper are needed. Therefore, it can be completed by one person, the design and production process is simple, and you can get the finished product immediately. The labels and patterns output by the label printer machine for bottles are waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-scratch, and 3D embossed effect. The image can be maintained for more than two years. And Kaufman’s water bottle label printing machine price is also very impressive, at $350.

DECO TECH SD-O5 round bottle screen printing machine

round bottle screen printing machine

It is a small bottle printing machine. Our recommended DECO TECH round bottle screen printing machine is used for screen printing on round or oval bottles. Similarly, both plastic and glass round containers can be screen printed using their round bottle screen printing machine. For example, cosmetic packaging, nail polish bottles, perfume bottles, PE insulation pots, ceramic coffee cups, wine glasses, etc., are very suitable for direct printing with a round bottle screen printing machine. SO-O5 round bottle screen printing machine is a high-quality industrial bottle screen printer. Regardless of the object’s size, the DECO TECH round bottle screen printing machine series can print data, dates, and labels on the bottle cap and body.

DECO TECH 110R manual bottle screen printing machine

manual bottle screen printing machine

110R is a model of DECO TECH’s manual bottle screen printing machine. It is also suitable for small printing. You can use it for high-speed screen printing on round, square, and oval blow molded bottles. In other words, both plastic and glass containers can use this manual bottle screen printing machine. DT-110R bottle screen printer has strict standards, imitating the exquisite European bottle printing machines. Buy it home, and you can rest assured. And the operation of the manual bottle screen printing machine is effortless. At the same time, it can handle various products, such as olive oil bottles, beer bottles, pet bottles, nail polish bottles, and tiny glass bottles. It is also possible to regard it as a digital bottle printing machine.

Bergin water bottle label printing machine

water bottle printing machine

As the name suggests, the water bottle printer machine is a bottle screen printer that directly prints the ceramic coating on the bottle’s surface and fires it through a Lehr furnace. After using the Bergin water bottle printer machine and high-temperature firing, the label design will be integrated into the water bottle. This label is permanent and will not change over time.

So you can break through the design limitations of traditional paper labels and add your own creativity. Surrounding the bottle 360 degrees is also a good idea. And the water bottle label printing machine price has a considerable advantage. Bergin’s water bottle label printing machine can print up to nine colors, including precious metals such as gold, platinum, and copper. And the bottle screen printer is anti-wear/waterproof/cellar-proof. It is very cost-effective to use this water bottle label printing machine for mass printing! Compared with all other label applications, it is cost-competitive.

Mimaki digital bottle printing machine

digital bottle printing machine

Mimaki’s award-winning digital bottle printing machine allows you to print directly on glass and plastic bottles. It is thanks to the Kebab option of the bottle screen printer that provides 360° cylindrical printing. So you can quickly and easily produce branded and personalized bottles and other cylindrical items. And it is very convenient to use Mimaki’s printable primer to ensure super adhesion. Moreover, Mimaki’s small bottle printing machine provides a 360° cylindrical printing service for your business. Use their digital bottle printing machine to print the produced water bottles, glassware, jars, etc. The unique “kebab” option of the digital bottle printing machine can rotate cylindrical objects. The purpose is to make a complete print on the outside of the article. The bottle printer machine has a print quality of up to 1,200dpi and can print professional photo-quality images on your bottle.

AUTO OS-767-1C automatic bottle screen printing machine

bottle screen printing machine

OS-767-1C is a fully automatic UV curing monochrome bottle printer machine. We commonly know it as a monochrome UV bottle screen printer. As a professional bottle printing machine manufacturer, AUTO almost every machine is worth recommending. OS-767-1C automatic bottle screen printing machine is fast, can print 4200 bottles per hour, is mechanically driven, and has accurate color registration. This 1-color UV bottle screen printer has been carefully designed, and you can customize and print round, oval and square glass water bottles, plastic water bottles, and metal bottles. Whether you plan to buy a glass bottle screen printing machine or a plastic container printing machine, AUTO’s fully automatic bottle screen printing machine is your good choice.

AUTO silk screen bottle printing machine

silk screen bottle printing machine

The 3-color bottle screen printer has a printing speed of up to 70 bottles per minute. It is also a glass bottle printing machine that can print on circular and oval containers. You can also print on beer toilets, stainless steel thermos bottles, cans, and containers. Once-tech silk screen bottle printing machine is specially designed for printing vats, 25-liter drums, and 2-liter glass bottles. Speaking of performance, the intelligent UV system saves the energy consumption of the bottle printer machine. DT’s silk screen bottle printing machine is absolutely durable and can provide accurate colors for color printing. Most importantly, you can easily adjust its functions and operating parameters.

AUTO OS-767 glass bottle screen printing machine

automatic bottle screen printing machine

Both round or oval glass bottles can be placed in the optional automatic bowl feeder. Then the bottle printer machine will automatically direct them. Finally, transporting to the UV curing screen printing line. In other words, once the bottles enter the glass bottle screen printing machine, they will be automatically flame treated. The OS-767 glass bottle screen printing machine is pneumatically driven, and the maximum printing diameter can reach 200mm. Therefore, this multifunctional glass bottle printing machine is widely used for printing various round and oval objects, such as bottles, cups, containers, etc. And such as wine bottles, water bottles, plastic cups, and cosmetic containers. In addition, the OS-767 glass bottle screen printing machine is quick to change molds, and the device is easy to operate. Moreover, the printing conditions are stable, suitable for the rapid printing of small and medium-sized bottles.

We displayed representative equipment from major bottle printing machine manufacturers. There are small bottle printing machines, water bottle printer machines, and some digital bottle printing machines. Before you start to understand bottle printing machine prices, this article may help you.

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