Fully & Semi Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Sale

Dongguan Auto Print Tech Co., Ltd. is one of the leading automatic screen printing machine manufacturers in china. We provide professional manual, semi automatic screen printing machine for sale and competitive fully automatic screen printing machine prices.

Features silk screen printing machine for sale:

  • Rotary silk screen printing machine for sale
  • Circular screen printing machine & flat screen printing machine
  • Automatic round screen printing machine
  • Semi-auto screen printing machine
  • Manual screen printing machine for sale
  • Bottle screen printing machines for sale
  • Automatic cylindrical screen printing machine
  • Printing machine consumables

We have an experienced sales team of auto screen printing machine, mature automatic screen printing technical support, and good after-sales service.

After-sales service: Engineers can perform installation, training, and repair screen printing press machine overseas.

Semi Automatic Screen Printing Machine Manufacturing

We are one of the well-known screen printing machine manufacturers in China. Our factory produces industrial-grade auto screen printers for sale in Dongguan. The above is the manufacturing process of our semi-auto screen printing machines. These pictures can show you the production process of semi automatic screen printing machine more intuitively.

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Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine Price

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Questions About Our Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Why Should You Upgrade to an Automatic Screen Printing Machine, and How Much Does It Cost?
A high-quality fully automatic screen printing machine price ranges from between $30,000 and $80,000. This cost includes everything you need to get started.
Sincerely, there’s no reason not to make your auto screen printer switch as soon as you can. It’s easy if you have the sales and revenue to back the investment.
Some people hesitate to jump. I was told by several screen printers that automated screens were once considered fatal for shops. It is a big commitment. It’s important to provide some specific details to help you see the big picture. It is not as risky as people think, and there are too many potential benefits to ignore.
You will not only save your back and wrists from the strains of manual screen printing, but you will also increase your production capability tremendously.
What Kind of Objects Can Be Printed by Our Auto Screen Printing Machine?

Once Intelligent Equipment(OIE) is a professional printing machine equipment manufacturer located in Dong Guan, China. We provide advanced pad printing machine and automatic silk screen printing machine with intelligent printing system, and long-term product warrant.

OIE provides flat screen printing machines and circular screen printing machines. Some of them are manual, semi-automatic, and some are fully automatic silk screen printing machines. We mainly operate semi automatic screen printing machine for sale. Our specialty is semi auto round screen printing machine and automatic cylindrical screen printing machine. Therefore, our automatic round screen printing machine can print flat or irregular objects. For example, the pad printing machine can print pens, Lego blocks, etc. And the automatic round screen printing machine can print round bottles, square bottles, etc.

Pad Printing Examples:

Our automatic round screen printing machine can create an efficient printing process on flat or round objects, such as cups, clothes, round bottles, etc.

Automatic Screen Printing Examples:

How Do You Start a Screen Printing Business?
Take the auto t shirt printing machine as an example. What equipment do you need to print t-shirts? Check the list of all equipment you require for print t-shirts:
  • Auto t shirt printing machine.
  • Exposure Unit.
  • Pressure Washer.
  • Squeegees.
  • Scoop Coater.
  • Computer and inkjet printer.
  • Ink.
  • Vector software(AI/Coreldraw).
UV Printing vs Screen Printing

UV Printing vs Screen Printing: 

Although wide format UV printing is more efficient than screenprinting, there are still many benefits to automatic screen printing. This process has been around for hundreds of years.

These are just some of the reasons why you might choose to have your next signage printed on automatic screen printing instead of digitally.

A Wider Range of Unique Colors 

Perhaps the most significant advantage that screen has over UV digital printing is printing custom-mixed spot colors. This may surprise some customers. However, most UV digital printers only have four color options: cyan (magenta), yellow (black), or what is known as CMYK in the industry. Because the ink layers are thicker, richer, and more vibrant, the automatic screen printing machine can reproduce almost any color you can think of. In addition, the auto screen printer is also not limited to the CMYK color spectrum. Screen printing can be used in clear, white, neon, and other vibrant colors. And custom mixed inks print sharper than any CMYK process color combination.

UV digital printing allows you to print in a wide range of colors by combining CMYK with selected ratios. However, this is not as easy as an automatic silk screen printing machine. These colors and many others can be reproduced via screen printing, whether they are fluorescent, metallic silver, or rusted.