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Pad Printing Machine Manufacturing

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Pad Printing Machine VS. Screen Printing Machine

What is pad printing machine?

Pad printing machine is also called pad printer that uses ink, silicone pads, and other pad printing supplies to print designed images upon the object. Compare with screen printing machine, pad printing equipment can put patterns on unusual shaped object perfectly. Pad printing machine manufacturers provide manual pad printing machine and automatic pad printing machine for customers. Using a manual pad printing machine means you need to drag and press the printing pad by yourself, and this kind of machine has a lower pad printing machine price but will cost more time to print. Automatic pad printing machines also need people to replace the object. You can finish the replacement process by a human, or use a conveyor belt to finish the full automation.

What is auto print machine?

The auto print machine uses ink and a screen to print patterns on the flat surface. Usually, auto print machine needs screens to finish this printing process, and once the screen made, it can be used many times. But making screens costs lots of time and money, and one screen only prints one color. Therefore the auto print machine is just suitable for simple color printing. Screen printing equipment is also divided as a manual screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine, and the distinction between them is whether the machine needs to replace the printing object manually.

Cons and pros of the pad printing machine and screen printing machine

Pad printing machine


  • Printing on unusual shaped object
  • Safe for printing fragile items
  • Great resolution


  • Slow printing speed
  • The risk of multiple colors registration

Auto print machine


  • Fast printing speed
  • Mass simple printing


  • Expensive using cost
What Kind of Objects Can Be Printed by Our Printing Equipment?

Once Intelligent Equipment(OIE) is a professional printing machine manufacturer located in Dong Guan, China. We provide advanced pad printing equipment and screen printer with intelligent printing machine system, and long-term product warrant.

Our pad printer can print flat and unusual shaped object, such as pens, round bottles, square bottles, legos, etc.

Pad printing examples:

Our screen printer can create an efficient printing process on flat or round objects, such as cups, clothes, round bottles, etc.

Screen printing examples:

How to Print with Pad Printer or Screen Printer?

Pad printer and screen printer are the common industrial printing machine in printing industry, because they are versatile and easy to cooperate. Pad printer is usually used to printing small unusual shaped objects such as pen, industrial parts, etc. Screen printer because of its massive production effect is used to print objects that have flat surface, also bottles.

There are the actual printing process of the both printer:

Pad printing process:

Step 1: Pad printing plate is the core parts of the pad printing process. Before you start the pad printing, you need to create a pad printing plate, and use pad printing ink over the entire printing plate.

Step 2: Scraping the pad printing plate to remain the ink for your designed images.

Step 3: Pressing the pad above the pad printing plate to pick up the ink. The ink will stick to the pad.

Step 4: Pressing the image onto the product. During this step, the adhesion between the ink and pad should be small than the adhesion between ink and substrate to ensure the complete transfer between images and products.

Step 5: Cleaning the pad when finished the whole pad printing process. Pad printing works usually use adhesive tape to remove the last ink residues and dust particles.

Screen printing process:

Step 1: Design your images and print them out onto a transparent acetate film to create the screen.

Step 2: Creating a screen. Once a screen is created, it can be used many times, but one screen only prints one color. If the final designed image includes more than one color, there should have more than one screen for different colors.

Step 3: Covering the screen with screen printing ink, and scraping the screen to remain the images. If there has more than one product to print, the screen is raised then put the new printed item onto the printing board. Repeat the process.

Step 4: Drying the process, check the final image and finish the screen printing process.

Types of Printing Machine
  • Digital printer

Digital printing machine is suitable for quality, high clarity, and fine printing work. This kind of printing machine can create a vivid, high-quality image, through cost-effective and high-quality printing, upon the flat object.

  • Ink-jet printer

Ink-jet printing machine uses inkjet technology to print a digital image onto paper, plastic, or other objects. There has no warm-up time for this printer. Using an ink-jet printing machine can print images quickly, and silently. It is an optical printing machine for home use.

  • Screen printer

The screen printing machine is a kind of popular industrial screen printing machine that is convenient to print cloth, leather, or other flat object. Screen printing equipment also can print round objects like bottles, cups. The screen is the core part of the screen printing machine. Screen printing machine manufacturers make a screen for many times printing. While a screen is expensive to create, therefore this kind of printer is suitable for simple color image printing.

  • Pad printer

Pad printing machine is a kind of flexible, affordable industrial printing machine. This kind of printer use silicone pad, ink, and other pad printing machine suppliers to create a great resolution printing work.

  • Laser printer

Laser printing machine is a kind of common printing machine. This kind of printing machine usese static electricity to finish print work. It has wide use in our daily life and can print patterns on paper clearly and quickly.