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Flat Screen Printing Machine

The flat screen printing machine has versatile applications. For instance, industrial screen printing, graphic screen printing, glass screen printing, PCB screen printing, optoelectronic screen printing, and medical part screen printing.

Auto Print Tech offers a one-stop printing solution for flat object surface screen print. When received the package then can start to screen print.

  • Screen Frame
  • Squeegee
  • Fixture
  • Flat Screen Printer

*The screen printing ink has to get locally, not allowed to ship together with the general cargo.

Auto Print Tech has a wide range of flat screen printing machines. We have small sizes machines from 200x300mm, 200x400mm, 300x400mm to 300x500mm. And medium sizes machines 400x600mm, 500x700mm, and 600x900mm. We also have large format print sizes such as 800x1200mm, and even bigger sizes.

From the driven system, Auto Print Tech’s flat screen printing machine has a pneumatic-driven type and an electric-driven type. Medium and large size machine is electric motor driven with PLC control, which has accurate printing and stable operation.

OS pneumatic flat screen printing machine is the ecomonic type machine with PCB board controlled and pneumatic driven, in a fast, stable and easy operation. This flat bed screen printer have 200x270mm, 200x400mm and 300x400mm print size, widely used in small size flat goods printing. The worktable can be both vacuum table and T-slot table for different flat products.

OS series electric flat screen printing machine features AC motor driven left/right and up/down movement. The brand PLC controlled with a touch screen make the machine can be programmable. The electric drive is a more stable working performance than pneumatic type machines. Depending on the print area size, the standard electric-driven flat screen printer has 300x500mm, 400x600mm, 500x700mm, 600x900mm, and 700x1200mm. And we can make an even bigger print size. The worktable can be both a vacuum table and a T-slot table for different print parts. This accurate series machine is widely used in industrial product printing. Like transfer paper/decal printing, membrane switches, automobile dashboards, etc.

OS-360F-400 is a semi automatic flat screen printing machine with rotary table. Brand PLC controlled with pneumatic driven, max print size 100x150mm, 4 working stations. This kind of flat screen printer is good for the small part flat screen printing, easily loading and unloading part when on printing. The rotary table machine we can have different size rotary table depend on different requirements, such as 6 stations, 8 stations. And the work table can be with and without vacuum.

This OS-3040S flat screen printing machine is both servo driven left/right and up/down movement, with a max print size 300x400mm, controlled by brand PLC and touch screen. High precise and quite stable working condition, this kind of servo flat screen printer is the high standard machine for accurate part printing such as electronic parts, automotive part, medical parts, etc. We can also have different print size for this servo driven machine such as 300x500mm, 400x600mm, 500x700mm, etc. And the other custom made type machine also can be available.

OS-600-3C is an automatic UV flat screen printing machine. It integrates with a full printing system: auto loading part, screen print, UV curing, and auto unloading part. This flat automatic screen printing line with a 120x180mm print size. It is suitable for small-size industrial parts printing. Equipped with brand servo driven and PLC controlled to make this machine has accurate printing tolerance. This machine is widely used in high-accuracy product printing. Such as stamped metal panels, powder-coated materials, injection molded parts, and much more.

OS-324 is a 3-color fully automatic screen printing machine. This automatic flat screen printing machine has a rotary working table. It is integrated with a full printing process. Including the auto-infeed conveyor, a deionizing device, screen printing, UV curing, and an auto-outfeed conveyor. The print size is 110x90mm. It has SANKYO rotary system and a brand motor. This automatic flat screen printer is widely used in small-size part printing. Such as glass panels, print dressing cases, stationery rulers, flat pens, small glass sheets, etc.

Flat screen printing is widely applied in industrial printing

  1. Automotive panel printing, such as speedometer, etc.
  2. Plastic crate printing, such as beer crate, cleaning tool, garbage can, etc.
  3. Molded plastic panel and injection plastic part printing, such as air conditioner panel, washing machine panel, and dishwasher panel, etc.
  4. Stationery, souvenir and toy printing, such as ruler, teaching tools, gift, toy parts, etc.
  5. Recycle bag printing, such as jute bag, tote bag, etc.
  6. Transfer paper printing, such as heat transfer film, water transfer film, ceramic decal printing, etc.
  7. Name plate and card printing, such as plastic or metal name plate, machine name plate, signage, door card, etc.
  8. Membrane switch printing, such as appliance control switch printing, etc.

More applications of flat screen printing

  1. The outstanding application is graphic screen printing, it can print directly to plastic sheet, composite board, paperboard and flexible or rigid packaging paper sheet, etc.
  2. The significant application is glass screen printing, for instance automotive glass, window glass, tableware glass etc.
  3. Printed electronics printing also is a large application area for this flat screen printing, including printed circuit board printing.
  4. There also have optoelectronic screen printing, for instance phone cover lens printing, display panel printing, automotive display printing, etc.
  5. Lastly, flat screen printing also used in medical devices printing.