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Auto Print Tech automatic UV screen printing equipment has 3 types of machine, the OS-767 series which is suitable for bottle printing; the OS-175 series which is for tube printing; and the OS-1000 series which is for bucket printing.
Our automatic UV screen printing equipment with full printing process: infeed conveyor, flame treatment, screenprint, UV curing and outfeed conveyor. The mechanical driven type machine keep machine in more stable and accurate printing.
The OS-767 series we have 1 to 6 color models for different kinds of bottles, container and cup, etc. printing both round, oval, flat shapes are available.
The OS-175 series uv screen printing equipment usually have 1 and 2 color models for tubes, jars and small bottles printing, like cosmetic lipstick tube, centrifuge tube, cosmetic pen, cream jar, etc.
The OS-1000 series have 1 to 6 color models, usually for large size contaniner, bucket, pail printing.

The OS-767 series automatic UV screen printing machine is a full 1 to 6 colors automatic screen printing line which include flame treating, screen printing and UV curing. This screen print line equiped with Italy brand main motor drive the solid built liner walking beam to transport the bottles. High speed and accurate color registration makes this series machine widely used in different kind bottles printing incuding plastic, glass, metal, etc. The bottle shapes can be round, oval and suqare.

The OS-175 automatic UV screen printing machine is well design for screen printing on flexible or rigid plastic tubes, plastic jars and lids, medical vials & syringes and other cylinders. The max print diameter can reach 75mm, speed can up to 80pcs per hour much increase the production efficiency. With Italy main motor driven a 12 stations vertical rotary indexing table, and controlled with brand PLC, the machine with high stable and accurate working condition and printing. Fast chang over and easy operation, this automatic screen printing system widely used in medical, cosmetic and plastic packaging industries, etc.

OS-100 series automatic UV screen printing machine is a 1 to 6 color automatic screen printing line. This screen printer with full printing process which including: auto feeding conveyor, auto pick up, flame treating, screen printing, UV curing and auto outfeed conveyor. The machine with full mechanical driven by use the Italy brand main motor, PLC with touch screen controlled all the movements, this series machine in accurate printing and color to color registration. This machine is widely used in buket, pail, 5 gallon container printing.