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Pad Printing and Screen Printing Equipment

Pad printing and screen printing equipment usually are auxiliary machines. It supports the printing process. This equipment usually has 2 types. One is the pre-print equipment, another is the post-print equipment.

Auto Print Tech machines now have different kinds of equipment including:

Exposure unit for pad printing cliche (plate)

Flame treatment unit

UV curing machine

Drying oven

This UV curing machine can be suitable for both round and flat object UV curing. The conveyor belt speed is adjustable. By using the electronic UV system, this UV machine has more energy saving than traditional UV system. We also can do different sizes for different product UV curing units.

This flame-treating machine is a unit with a flaming function for plastic product surface treatment. It can make the part get a good ink adhesion in both pad printing and screen printing. The material usually is PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, etc. The conveyor is made of stainless steel and the running speed is adjustable. With the auto-ignition function, the unit will be a more easy operation. Other sizes and product flame treating units can be available too.

The exposure unit is the equipment for pre-print supporting, widely used in pad print plate (cliche) making, and screen frame making. OIE LED type exposure unit with LED cool light system. It has low power, high effective wavelength energy, low carbon, and environmental. This model is 395 x 495 mm glass size, we also have different size units like 600x900mm, 800x1200mm, etc. and different sizes can be custom made.