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Printing Machine Consumables

Printing machine consumables usually have below:

Pad printing: 

Steel plate, silicone pad, ceramic or hard steel ring, ink, etc.

Screen printing:

Screen frame, suqeegee, ink, etc.

Screen frame is one of the consumable part of screen printing (serigrafia). Different print design need different frame. We have varies size frame base on different requirements.

Squeegee is one of the consumable of screen printing. There have sharp suqeegee and flat squeegee, depend on the printing design and machine, the suqeegee choose is different. OIE machine can provide different specification and type suqeegee base on different requirements.

Auto Print provides different size and specifications of ceramic ring and hard steel (tungsten steel) ring for different brand pad printer ink cup.

Steel plate also called cliche, it is the accessorry of pad printing (tampo printing) machine. Usually there have 2 types, one is thin plate like 0.5mm thickness, another is thick plate like 10mm thickness. We also provide plate etching service.

Silicone pad is one part for pad printing kit, which transfer ink from cliche to substrate. OIE machine provide different size, hardness, shape pads to meet different printing condition.