The cylindrical screen printing machine is the screen printing machine used for round, oval shape printing, also can be called round screen printing machine, cylinder screen printing machine, etc.

OIE semi automatic cylindrical screen printer usually have several standard type depend on the print diameter, we have max print diameter 75mm, 110mm, 180mm, 275mm, 350mm. Mostly this series machines are pneumatic driven with microprocessor controlled, in easy operation and fast jig change over. The 350mm diameter jumbo screen printer is motor + pneumatic driven with PLC controlled.

The round screen printing machine widely used in many different industries such as plastic packaging, food and beverage, cosmetic packaging, stationery, promotional products, etc. The product shape can be both round and oval are available, such as bottles, cups, containers, jars, bucket, pail, tubes, pens, etc. The material cover plastic, metal, glass, wood, etc.

OIE also have a multi color semi automatic round screen printing machine, it is OS-400S. This machine widely used in the round object with no color registration lug (anchor point), but need to print multi colors. This screen printer also can print 1 color only each time. After 1st color printed, the machine use the optical sensor to do color registration to print 2nd color, 3rd color, etc. This machine is servo driven rotation and screen frame movement, in the high precision printing.

OIE can supply all screen printing parts and consumables like screen frame, squeegee, screen printing equipment, etc.

OS-300 semi automatic cylinder screen printing machine is a small print diameter machine, this round screen printer with pneumatic driven and PCB board controlled, with a stable and easy operation status. This cylindrical screen printing machine suitable for small size round, oval product printing, such as perfume bottle, tube, cosmetic container, syringe, etc. We also can provide full screen kit, such as pre print treatment unit, post print treatment unit, screen printing consumables, etc.

OS-400 round screen printing machine is the most popular model, this cylindrical screen printer equiped with pneumatic driven and PCB board controlled system, with a max print diameter 110mm, solid built machine base with stable working condition, as well as easy and fast operation and fixture change over, this round screen printer widely use in medium and small size bottle, cup, container, etc. printing. The shape can be both round and oval available.  

OS-600 round screen printing machine is a versatile machine for round / cylinder, oval shape bottle, container printing. With max. print diameter 180mm, this cylindrical screen printer suitable for medium size object printing. Stable machine working and easy operation as well as fast jig change over, this machine is popular in plastic packaging, glass printing, etc. industries.

OS-1200 is a jumbo screen printing machine for round / cylindrical shape bucket, pail, 5 gallon container printing. With brand PLC controlled and motor + pneumatic driven make the machine in stable and accurate operation and printing. This bucket screen printer with a max print diameter 350mm, widely used in paint bucket / pail, 5 gallon water container and big drum printing.  

OS-400S round screen printing machine is designed for cylindrical objects like bottles, containers, cups, etc. which with no registration mark (anchor point), but needs to print multi colors. This cylinder screen printer equiped with the accurate optical sensor to do registration rather than the physical mark. Servo driven rotating and left/right movement make the machine in a very precision printing and easy change over. With a max print diameter 110mm, this kind of screen printing machine widely used in round bottles, container, cups printing like sport water bottle, plastic cups, etc.