How to Print on Tumblers Using Rotary UV Printer

UV printing to tumblers has completely changed how we perceive and use customized containers. UV printing can imprint logos and images of superior quality onto tumblers. It has significantly broadened the opportunities for companies seeking to distinguish their items in the marketplace. This post will explain how to print on tumblers using a rotary UV printer.

What Is a Rotary UV Printer?

A rotary UV printer is an advanced printing technology that uses ultraviolet light. It applies ink onto various substrates, such as plastic, paper, and wood. With the ink being applied and cured constantly, these printers have been designed to facilitate fast printing.

First, we will discuss helical printing, a process renowned for creating exceptional-quality images.

What Are The Steps In Printing Tumblers Using A Rotary UV Printer?

Opening from the outset, the first step entails sending the vessel requiring printing to the supplier. Working with a supplier who can provide a comprehensive product before commencing the printing process is critical when utilizing rotary UV printing. Both money and labor will be saved. The time for this procedure is the sampling procedure. A brief overview of how this is carried out at Inkcups is as follows.

Step 1. Adhesion Test

Before printing can start, adhesion testing is performed. Sample technicians must determine the optimal combination of pre-treatment (if required) and UV ink. It is to the client’s demands, desires, and specifications. It also includes any particular criteria for adherence.

Step 2. Printing

Your artwork or the artwork provided by the customer is used to print this. Customers generally prefer to submit their artwork for vessel design, as it provides them with a more tangible representation of the final product.

Step 3. Reporting

In addition to the printed samples, a comprehensive report is compiled and submitted. It encompasses all pertinent details of the compounds and UV inks used in adhesion testing procedures. The consumer has been presented with this for approval.

Step 4. Fixturing

The supplier will fabricate specialized fixtures for the client to secure the component during printing once the entire product has been approved.

Step 5. Training

The most crucial step is the training stage. When you buy a digital machine, you must go through a time of adjustment and learning. Without a doubt, the rotary UV printer is not an exception. According to iInkcups, training must be conducted at our facility or the customer’s site before any organization purchases this equipment. This phase is essential to achieve the desired goals.

Rotary UV Printer

What Type Of Programs Do I Need To Use A Rotary UV Printer?

The computer with your machine has the software you need to print your artwork. However, you must use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to make the artwork. You can make art and get it ready to print in these programs.

Do I Need To Pre-Treat My Product?

The sample method is used to make decisions on the pre-treatment. Therefore, you must take advantage of this step since it is vital. The Sample Tech will ask competent questions about how the product will be used during the sample process. If the product passes strict sticking tests, one or more washings will be possible. A pre-treatment process will be described. Moreover, glass and some metals are examples of things that must be pre-treated.

What Kind Of UV Ink Do I Need?

The sample process will also be used to find the best UV ink for the product, just like it was for the pre-treatment methods. Some inks are only suitable for certain things. For example, T2 UV ink for Tritan Plastic is only ideal for Tritan plastic, while S1 UV printer ink works best with a wide range of materials.

What Kinds Of Unique Design Tasks Can I Perform With A Rotary UV Printer?

Contour Print

A higher effect is created by contour print by adding more finish to certain parts of the image.

Print Mirror

One design element perfect for clear containers like glass or plastic bottles is the mirror print, sometimes called a sandwich print. You can see the pattern from the outside and the inside because it flips the picture.


When you create art, you don’t always need to use varnish. Some like it when products don’t shine.


Printers can make their product look like it’s been created using white with no varnish. Many people like to use this on glass.

Stained Glass

A stained-glass effect can happen when you lower the color’s clarity. You can still see through it, but it’s not clear. Things that are precise work best for this.

UV Rotary Printer

What Are the Benefits of Rotary UV Printing?

There are several advantages to rotary UV printers on tumblers. Some main pros to companies include:

1. Efficiency and Speed

UV printers can print a large number of tumblers in a short amount of time, making them a rapid and efficient printing method. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for companies who need to produce a vast quantity of tumblers rapidly and effectively. Further boosting productivity is the capability of the printers to print several designs at the same time.

2. High-Quality Printing

Ultraviolet (UV) printing on tumblers results in prints of exceptional quality. It displays vivid colors and detailed images. Because the ink dries and does not adhere, the printed designs will continue to look excellent even after the tumbler has been used several times. In addition, the printing process is quite precise, which makes it easy to create designs that include all of the necessary components.

3. Customization Capabilities

Companies may offer personalized printing on tumblers because of UV printers. It allows clients to design their designs or select from pre-designed templates. Customers can customize the tumblers by adding their names, initials, images, or favorite quotes. It makes the containers more significant.

4. UV Printing Technology

Within the realm of UV printing on tumblers, the UV printing procedure uses ultraviolet light to bind the ink onto the surface. The result of this technique is a print that is not only resistant to scratches but also durable enough to withstand several washes and usage without losing its legibility. Unlike traditional ink, UV ink is environmentally friendly. It is better for the environment since it includes fewer harmful chemicals than conventional ink.

5. Durability

Using UV ink that is very long-lasting and keeps its readability even after being washed and used several times, UV printing may be done on tumblers. This kind of printing is known as hydrographic printing. Because of this, the printed designs will be able to last for a longer time. It maintains its appearance for a more extended period, resulting in advertising for the company that will last longer.

Limitations of Rotary UV Printing

Although rotary UV printers provide a lot of advantages. They do have certain drawbacks when compared to alternative printing options, including:

1. Setup Costs

To function, rotary UV printers demand a significant initial investment. They also need extra equipment and even further training. The printer’s high productivity and cost-efficiency compensate for the hefty expenditures associated with its initial setup.

2. Operation Costs

Compared to other types of printers, rotary UV printers have higher operating expenses. They use a particular ink and require regular maintenance. There is also the possibility that the printer itself will have a more significant price tag than other printers.

UV Rotary Printer

How to Print on Tumblers Using Rotary UV Printer: Conclusion

All businesses need printing that is of high quality, quick, and efficient. They also need to boost visibility, and client loyalty will find that UV printing on Tumblers is an ideal choice. Additional advantages of custom tumbler printing include that the prints are long-lasting. It can be customized to the customer’s specifications.

The use of UV printing on tumblers is an innovative method. It assists companies in distinguishing their products from those of their rivals and maintaining a competitive advantage in the current market.

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