Silk Screen Printing Advantages and Disadvantages

Screen printing is famous as a traditional printing method for a more extended period. Here an ink is transformed into the product using a mesh, such as silk-screen for t-shirts. And this ink will remain on the t-shirts for some years and is very durable. We can use this method for massive production instead of printing like one or two products. 

There are a lot of benefits of screen printing. But compared with other printing methods, it also has disadvantages. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of silk screen printing? What is the process of silk screen printing? We will mainly focus on screen printing advantages.


Silk screen printing advantages and disadvantages

You already know the specific process of screen printing. Then there is another issue: silk screen printing advantages and disadvantages. This article mentions 5 advantages of screen printing and 3 disadvantages of screen printing.

advantages of silk screen printing

5 advantages of screen printing 

The screen printing advantages occupies a significant position. Though silkscreen printing is an ancient printing type, it has a lot of advantages. Therefore, we can see a considerable demand for silkscreen printing. Now let’s have a look at some of the significant benefits of screen printing. 

1. More Durable

The most highlighted thing is its durability. Many entrepreneur clients select silkscreen printing when the employees need long-lasting polo shirts or tees like complex garments. Their primary purpose is to avoid being faded or dull when people wash and wear their clothes. 

Why are silk-printed garments more durable? Since the thickness and the composition of the inks used in Silkscreen Printing are more durable, those can bear more stress without losing the printed quality.

2. Excellent printing effect

Not only that but also there are more advantages of screen printing. These crucial benefits of screen printing are making a fantastic finish with various vibrant colors. As we know, there is nothing more amazing than watching a logo or design which shows wonderfully on your computer fall short of your desires when you see it in a completed high-quality garment. 

It isn’t easy to make such increased fidelity results Silkscreen Printing with more vibrant colors using other silkscreen printing techniques. Apart from that, it lets remarkably cleaner and sharper lines and a lot of well-defined facts.

3. Suitable for all kinds of inks

Silkscreen printing lets for more eye-catching and bolder designs. So this is another essential advantage of silkscreen printing. Thicker inks give for a wide variety of finishes, allowing for more aggressive and colorful designs shown far away. Customers who think about brand visibility try to gravitate towards the wide variety of finishes supplied with thicker inks.

4. Not subject to the size and shape of the substrate restrictions

Silkscreen printing is widespread and can be done any place. The wonder of this procedure is in its versatility. Frame printing can be created from anything like aluminum to MDF as well as it can be made in any place with a very flat surface. 

  • silk-screen printing on glass
  • silk-screen printing on metal
  • silk-screen printing on plastic

It is not just for wearing and making clothes either. A lot of artists have used this printing procedure to design transcendent pieces. That is also one of the essential advantages of screen printing.

5. Convenient, cheap, easy to master the technology

Another significant feature and advantage is simplicity. As we know, most often, the most straightforward solutions are the best. Though Silkscreen printing is automated, it keeps a comparably normal and simple procedure that attaches to one main rule. 

The procedure is simple. The methods and steps are also both easy to replace and hardwearing. Because of this reason, we tightly think that anything technologically advances we watch in our operation, the Silkscreen Printing procedure will keep comparably stable. 

It shows a considerable amount of money. Finally, Silkscreen printed clothes are among the significant demand for cash you can find. That’s because the printing procedure is speedy and easy. So the final result is saving the labor costs that they pass onto their customers. 

isadvantages of silk screen printing

3 disadvantages of screen printing

Compared with screen printing advantages, disadvantages of screen printing have the following three points.

  • Silk Screen Printing can be costly in small quantities.
  • If designs are too colorful, screen printing is costly
  • Silk Screen Printing is not compatible with gradient colors.


The screen printing process step by step

screen printing process

First, a screen created from polyester or nylon mesh is stretched very toughly on a frame. Next, you can make a stencil by blocking parts in a “negative image” of the design you hope to print. We can see some places which the ink is showing clearly on the cloth. You can create an emulsion to “scooped” across the mesh and make the screen for printing. After drying it, it will be exposed to UV light through a film printed with the requisite design.

Because of this, there will be hardening in the emulsion. But the rest of the screen will remain soft. Finally, you can wash the smooth emulsion with a water spray and keep the clean area as a mesh with the shape of the picture printed. The cloth to be printed is located on a surface termed a pallet. It is covered with tape to save from ink spillage onto the palette. 

Usually, the screen is searched for “pinholes” in the emulsion. That might cause disturbed leakage. Tape or “block out” pens can be used to protect from this. In addition to a silk-screen for t-shirts, there are the following materials that can be silk-screened:

  • silk-screen printing on glass
  • silk-screen printing on metal
  • silk-screen printing on plastic



We briefly introduced the silk screen printing advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, the advantages of screen printing still occupy a major position. As a result, silkscreen printing companies can give such significant volume discounts on massive orders. There is more printing as well. Many of their customers keep their companies, and things that could be done to maintain operating costs controllably must be embraced.

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