2 Minutes to Know the Major Brand’s Pad Printing Machine Price

There are many well-known pad printing machine manufacturers globally, and they produce professional pad printing equipment. We can also find many pad printing machines for sale on the Internet. Due to the differences in equipment types and printing materials, these pad printing machine prices vary greatly. For the convenience of reference, we have compiled various representative pad printing machine prices in the industry.


Pad printing machine cost

A brand new and good quality automatic pad printing machine cost is changed from $18,900. This price has been continued since 2017. Buy an ordinary manual pad printing machine cost is available from $ 3,880 to $ 3,910 per piece on Amazon.

Led bulb pad printing machine

Led bulb pad printing machine price

This price also can be different according to the type of pad printing equipment. The set is £ 75000/set. Packmaster pad printing machine for led bulb, model Name/Number: Tdy £ 14,000/ unit. 


Manual pad printing machine price

Manual pad printing machine price

Take the keyboard as an example, and the manual pad printing machine price varies from $ 5,000 – 100,000/piece. Popular, durable glass printing machine price for stapler varies from the US $ 4,120 – 4,185/piece. 


Automatic pad printing machine price

Automatic pad printing machine price

The price of an automatic PVC ball pad printing machine ranges from the US $ 60,000 to – 70,000. Automatic cap pad printing machine size is range from US $ 25,000/piece since 2010. 


Inkcups pad printer price

Inkcups pad printer price

From the award-winning cylindrical inkjet printer and flatbeds to our pad printing equipment and lasers, Inkcups is the top choice for printing experts in all industries. See how some of the customers utilize Inkcups equipment. 


Pad printing equipment

When it comes to pad printer machine price, industry competition is the main reason for the increase in pad printing machine cost. Each pad printing equipment comes equipped with more-quality pad printing pads, pad printing plates, pad printing inks, and pad printing cups and rings.

In fact, ample printing equipment gives immense compression ability for practically any application, from silicone printing to advertising products to glass to company products. More pad printing machine manufacturers and suppliers supply spare parts, and training is available as a truly pad printing solution.


Uses of pad printing

The Pad printing process uses many industries, including automotive, apparel, medical, promotional, appliances, electronic objects, etc. Apart from that we can see a common use condition in the sports equipment and play toys field. Pad printing can deposit functional items like adhesives, lubricants, conductive inks, and dyes.

There are some physical changes within the ink film. And it can successfully release from the pad in favor of adhering to the substrate.

The significant characteristic features of the silicone pad can get the image up from a flat plane and transfer it to various surfaces, like flat, cylindrical, spherical, compound angles, textures, concave, or convex surfaces.


Designing of printing plates

When it comes to the printing plate field, we can use two effective methods to make a printing plate. The artistic technique needs a UV exposure unit. It causes photo exposure with chemical etching and film positives.

The other “computer to plate” method needs a laser engraver and causes automated laser etching. The latter approach is more appropriate for minor production delays, high precision, stable quality management.

Two methods need to be applied on a significant and a characteristic polymer or steel plate. The qualified cycle life that can be hoped out of a polymer plate is a bit low. A hardened steel plate can very easily keep for more than 1 million impressions if I compare it.


One & Multi-Color Pad Printing Equipment

One & Multi-Color Pad Printing Equipment

The trans-Tech systems provide both single and multi-color product decoration. Some digital machines give virtually unlimited color abilities.

More experienced people and experts can match the color needs with market-leading precision. All color batches are kept to within a ΔE color variance of 2.0 or less.

Apart from giving one image in two various colors, some pad printing equipment can print two different pictures in two separate places on one part.


Electromechanical, Pneumatic and Rotary Pad Printing Machines

Electromechanical systems show streamlined and reproducible presentation. Cam-driven movement is amazingly repeatable. So machines are considerably durable and long-lasting friendships.

Most of the time, Pneumatic systems are proffered for cost-effectiveness and pliant pad stroke adjustment, accommodating parts of different sizes. Pneumatic machines can also combine a cup slide as an option for printing on more long details.

Rotary pad printing equipment is most matched for printing- cylindrical items at amazingly high speeds. Technical experts can walk you through the benefits and considerations tied to each approach and support you in checking the best solution for your fantastic application.

When talking about the pad printing machine manufacturers, OLAT PRINTING MACHINERY INDUSTRY CO., Ltd is prominent. There are hot products like 8 color pad printing equipment for US $24,750/set; camera shell automatic unloading pad printer US $ 9000/set; circle and curved screen printer printing machine US $ 15,710- 15,730/set; high precision printed film screen printer for the US $63,000 and the electric kettle shell curved screen printing the US $ 6,125 – 6,145/set. 

Usually, the pad printing remains about 50,000 impressions or more. But if you do the proper care, the seen pads will remain more than 100,000+ cycles. The range of production printer machine costs is usually from $20,000 – $100,000+. But sometimes, production printers can be high as $500,000, but this is very rare. 

In fact, the dot production with pad printing is accurate, and though there is some change in dot size, that is not more considerable as in screen printing. Actually, the difference in dot size will be more if you more pressure the pad. 



In conclusion, pad printing machine costs will vary according to the manufacturers and the company. Otherwise tricky to print on products in many companies like promotional, medical, electronic objects, automotive, and apparel. It’s better to consider more and do a quick research about the pad printing machine price before buying it. 


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