5 Best Shirt Printing Machines In 2021 

Screen printer for clothing is a popular topic, especially in the garment section. A lot of well-demanded clothing printing presses are available at the market. Today we can see traditional screen prints, applique, embroidery, transfers, and the increasingly famous digital direct-to-garment (DTG) printing.

Below, we’ve compared 5 best shirt printing machines in 2021:

  • Epson F2100
  • Brother GTX
  • Col-Desi (DTG Digital) M2
  • Kornit Breeze
  • M&R M-Link-X

Top 5 clothing screen printing machines

Here we have given a review about the best screen printer for clothing line.

Epson F2100 – Silk Press Shirt Machine

screen printer for clothing

T shirt printer cost: $15,995

It is called the best shirt printing machine. At roughly 3” by 5”, the Epson F2100’s footprint is more rectangular than the GTX from Brother. And at just over 1.5” high, it’s comparably smaller. This t shirt screening machine is a table or benchtop design and is not free-standing. Therefore, you should plan that where it will be kept. It gives the main idea of a silk screen t shirt machine.

The F2100 is an amazing t shirt screening machine. It has a professional profile and works better in a home-based environment than in a large production environment.

Brother GTX – T Shirt Screening Machine

clothing screen printer

T shirt printer cost: $22,500

We can say it is the best screen printing machine for clothing lines. The GTX measures 4.5″ by 4.25” and instantly conveys how a company looks when it has a predominately metallic exterior. The clothing printing press is a table or benchtop unit. Still, a custom stand is also there since it lets the users benefit from the open bottom decoration of the printer for humidification, which is often vital for the current operation.

Col-Desi M2 – Clothing Printing Press

best shirt printing machine

T shirt printer cost: $19,995

This is the only double platen silk press shirt machine of this group. As one of the best shirt printing machines, it has two platens to load t-shirts instead of just one. The natural thought would be that it has a much huger footprint. At about 4” x 3,” it occupies the same space as the Brother, but with a much larger shadow as its, it’s nearly a total rectangle.

A tabletop/benchtop unit as well, the M2 will need a correct arrangement. Quieter than the Brother GTX but not for the level of the Epson F2100. This screen printing clothing machine unit can be a method for users that need an extra-large imaging area.

Kornit Breeze – Silk Screen T Shirt Machine

clothing printing machine

T shirt printer cost: $62,000

This is the introductory silk screen t shirt machine from Kornit. The Kornit Breeze is the smallest machine in their line-up but one of the massive in this group. It has the most technologically advanced framework of 4” x 5”. Since this is the only cloth screen printing machine with an integrated pre-treatment system in the group, the total footprint might be small. Kornit’s inks are usually cured with a gas dryer that can keep as the main table for this printer.

M&R M-Link-X – Clothing Screen Printing Machine

t shirt screening machine

T shirt printer cost: $70,995

It is also another best shirt printing machine. This is the only free-standing unit clothing screen printing machine in this group. The M-Link-X also has the distinction of being the hugest at 4.5” x 5.5.” It has a rugged steel frame and squared-off edging, and the M-Link has the most financial look and emotion. Not the best method for home-based businesses, this silk screen t shirt printing machine is most suitable for a production environment.

The above are the 5 best shirt printing machines we sorted out. Besides these best shirt printing machines, what else is worth noting?


This is also a common question, especially from the potential users of clothing printing press. Epson and Brother have earned the title of best shirt printing machine because of their low cost (approximately US$30 per month) and manual maintenance time of fewer than 5 minutes. As the best screen printing machine for clothing lines, they show the daily automatic cleaning ability, thus reducing the manual operation time of the operator.

Service & Training

When it comes to the best shirt printing machine, training and service usually fall in line right after maintenance questions. In this way, you will realize that your silk screen t shirt machine is working in the right way and you’re managing it properly.

T-shirt printing supplies cost

Want to get the best shirt printing machine, the cost of ink and other t-shirt printing supplies are some key factors to keep in mind. The most important fact is the real operation price of any related silk screen t shirt machine. This cost of t-shirt printing supplies is misleading at best and most of the time includes numbers that get flaunted by producers to one-up a competitor.

Pre-Treatment Machines & Heat Presses

Your clothing screen printing machine may need some extra parts of equipment.

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